Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar

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Yamaha's C40 classical guitar provides an unparalleled combination of tone, playability and affordability. Yamaha's master luthiers have meticulously crafted the C40 with a solid spruce top and meranti back and sides, producing a rich, balanced tone sought after by musicians at any skill level.

Precise Tuning and Stable Intonation

The C40's premium tuning machines provide accurate tuning and rock-solid intonation, allowing musicians to focus on their performance instead of fussing with the tuning. The C40 stays in tune through an entire practice session or performance.

A Neck and Fingerboard Built for Comfort

The C40's neck and rosewood fingerboard are carefully shaped for effortless playability. The neck's comfortable profile and the fingerboard's smooth surface allow nimble playing, whether performing complex classical pieces or simple beginner chords.

High-Quality Materials for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

The C40 is built to provide a lifetime of enjoyment and music making. Its solid spruce top and meranti back and sides are beautifully crafted using techniques honed over many generations of guitar making. While highly affordable, the C40 exhibits a level of quality typically found in much more expensive instruments.

An Ideal Choice for Players of All Levels

With its exceptional combination of tone, comfort and value, the C40 is an ideal first classical guitar for beginners and an enjoyable lifetime instrument for more advanced players. The C40 inspires new players to practice and play more while satisfying experienced musicians with its resonant, complex tone.

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