D'Addario XTABR1152 XT 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - .012-.052 Custom Light

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The evolution of XT strings

During their lifespan, EXP strings enjoyed a loyal following here at Sweetwater. Now, EXP strings have leveled up to become XT acoustic guitar strings, the next evolution of D’Addario’s world-renowned treated strings. Each string receives a groundbreaking coating for twice the protection. And since the coating is so thin, each string rings out just as loudly and clearly as an uncoated string does. If you're a fan of EXP strings, then you will love D’Addario XT strings.

Hex-core wounds, Fusion Twist steels

Inside each roundwound string in this lies an NY Steel hexagonal core — the same as you'll find on a set of your favorite NYXLs. This angular core gives the wrap wire more surface to grab on to, yielding better tone and intonation. Plain steels in this set also feature D'Addario's Fusion Twist technology. This process prevents slack in the twist, resulting in greater resistance against detuning and breaking.

The right tone for everyone

D’Addario believes that every acoustic guitar player should have a set of strings that match their sonic needs. That’s why they build strings with a range of construction methods and materials. Whether you go with the brightest 80/20 Bronze strings, the mellowest Silk & Steels, or anywhere in between, D’Addario has the perfect sound for everyone. Want to learn more? Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!

D’Addario: innovative strings since 1680

When you go with D’Addario, you receive far more than a great set of strings. You’re benefiting from three centuries of string-making experience. The D’Addario family tradition began in 1680 in the tiny town of Salle, Italy, where they made assorted instrument strings for over 200 years before relocating to New York in 1905. Since then, the D’Addario family has become a leader in string innovation. They designed the modern winding machine, introduced ultra-reliable hexagonal core wires, and pioneered the colored-coded ball end movement. More than 300 years since the family started making strings, D’Addario continues to set a global standard for quality and reliability. And every day, more than 500,000 strings emerge from their USA-based workshops.

D’Addario 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:

  • The next generation of D’Addario EXP strings
  • 80/20 bronze wrap wire adds a bright and vibrant sound
  • Unique coating method protects your strings while preserving an uncoated feel
  • High-carbon NY Steel core wire resists breaking under hard stumming
  • Fusion Twist technology improves plain string tuning stability
  • Treated plain strings offer a consistent feel from string to string
  • Digitally controlled winding process guarantees a reliable feel from set to set
  • Color-coded ball ends enable easy string changes

    Tech Specs

    • Guitar Type:Acoustic Guitar
    • Number of Strings:6
    • Coated:XT Coating
    • Gauges:.011, .015, .022, .032, .042, .052
    • Core Material:High-carbon Steel
    • Winding Material:80/20 Bronze
    • Winding Type:Round
    • Manufacturer Part Number:XTABR1152

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