D'Addario DFAS304 Finger Applique Tactle 3/4 Violin

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D'addario Finger Applique Tactle 3/4 Violin

The Fingerboard Appliqué is available in two styles: an "Optic" version with the lines colored gold to provide an additional visual cue, and a "Tactile" version that is solid black and nearly invisible on the fingerboard. The Appliqué installs in just a few minutes and is easily removed when no longer needed. Available in three scale lengths: 328mm for 4/4 size violin, 304mm for 3/4 size violin and 286mm for 1/2 size violin.

Fits a 3/4 size violin or 13" viola

All black appearance can barely be seen, but can be felt

Promotes proper finger placement using a tactile approach

Adds subtle frets to the instrument, making it easier for players of fretted instruments to cross over to violin

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