Blackstar Fly 3 3-watt 1 x 3-inch Combo Amp - Jared James Nichols Edition

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Channel Jared James Nichols’ blues power

This special edition of the Fly 3 Combo Amp marks Blackstar and Jared James Nichols’ most portable collaboration to date. The James Jared Nichols Fly 3 features a biscuit-style grille modeled after Jared’s own Blackstar JJN-20 amp. The biscuit grille features two decals — a BPMF logo and an oversized lightning bolt. On top of the JJN Fly 3, you’ll find matching vintage-style “chicken head” controls for an extra-bluesy look down to the last detail.

Practice your riffs on the fly

The Blackstar Fly 3 is the ultimate practice amp for players of all skill levels. Complete with an MP3/line-in jack, a headphone output, and an emulated line out, it’s feature-packed, lightweight, and compact enough to bring to lessons or gigs. Plus, with two ways to power up (six AA batteries or an optional power supply), you can even make the Fly 3 your de-facto practice amp at home. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and grab a Blackstar Fly 3!

Blackstar Fly 3 Jared James Nichols Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Design inspired by Jared James Nichols’ signature Blackstar amps
  • 2 channels provide you with clean and overdrive tones
  • Infinite Shape Feature gives you a plethora of tonal choices
  • Tape delay effects add everything from slapback delay to spacey echo to your playing
  • MP3/line-in for jamming along or listening to music
  • Emulated line-out for silent practice or recording
  • 1 x 3-inch speaker delivers true Blackstar tones
  • Battery-powered design lets you take it anywhere
  • Optional DC power supply available at Sweetwater

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